Saturday, October 4, 2008

WoW...itS BEeN a Long WHilE!!

OuR car Was JAM pAckEd wiTh StuFf frOm IKEA..haha..ouR gas MileagE home Was TERRIBLE!

RiSh Rockin hiS nEw Sun GLASsEs on The wAy up To lAguNa...We loVe to TAke RoaD TriPs TogETher!!

OuR TraDiTion When We go To CaLI...Stop at MaD GrEek...tHey hAve DiliSH onIon RingS TOO!!

Our room was so nice but it got kinda bad when we would try to sleep at night because the waves would keep us up ...they were soooo loud. Every night they would come and "take down" your bed and they would set a little dark choc. bar on your pillow. It was soo one night the guy gave us a Ton of them so Rish took them home and put one on my pillow every night until he ran out...aww.

IsN't it gorgeous???

So, I feel like I haven't been on Blog in FOREVER! Our computer crashed a few days after my last post and it has just been so crazy. Our life just throws us so many surprises all the time. I've learned to just blow it off and forget about the stress of it because all it is going to do is give me GRAY HAIR..which I already have a few...SCARY! In this last month, Rish got into a car accident, my windshield on my car got busted, my cell phone got destroyed, my sister Mekel is OFFICIALLY gone to Utah, AND on a HIGHER noTE....I finished the TWiLighT series and LOVED every minute of it. It's was so funny when Rish called me the morning he got into the accident...he asked me why I didn't ask if he was ok when he called...I said well....if you are calling then obviously you are alive and your arm wasn't broken and that's all that matters.
We went to Laguna for Rish's birthday and it was THE BEST TIME I"VE HAD IN A LONG TIME! After all the craziness and with everything that has happened...we really needed a break to just relax...but you know of course when you try to go out of town and relax there is always something that you have to go "home" to reality for a little bit. Last time we went to Laguna for his birthday somebody had stolen our credit card number so we couldn't even use our credit just have to laugh and let it all go. AnD we went to IKEA and spent a lot but got a lot of really cute stuff and it makes me sOOO excited for our house and to decorate! OCTOBER 30th is our OFFICIAL walk through. YEA! We will be in it for Christmas and we can actually decorate our first tree!!
I have to say that I am very blessed to have Rish by my side through all the craziness. He is my backbone and whenever things get soo stressful and I say..ugh, I GIVE UP he is there to just lift me up and remind me of all things I have to be grateful for. Of all the relationships I've been through before Rish, I have to say I have never felt that my "special" someone has loved me as much as he does. He is beyond in love with me and sometimes I say he is the girl in our relationship..haha...he always wants to cuddle at night when I'm all hot from him or he is all crunchin me down with his big ol' arms and I'm like..can you just roll over and let me breath for a sec? haha..But he is honestly the best and I think I only tell him the stuff that bugs me...and I think we all tend to do that. Only point out the stuff they Don't do instead of the things they do do...even the little stuff. The other night I had been sooo tired from a 12 hour day at work standing on my feet. I got home and he had dinner set up for me with a bubble bath and a little note on my pillow telling me how much he loves me. So..unselfish... especially for a guy because he had no intention to bug me that night and just let me relax. I don't know what I would do without him and I am very thankful that I found him.
The only thing is I am getting a LITTLE baby hungry but he won't budge at all..haha. I guess it's ok. WIth the economy the way it is and how everything is falling apart...why bring another thing into the world and then stress about it. NOT sayin that kids are just stress, but with so many people losing jobs and how everything is just getting so scary...why bring someone into the world if somethin happened and we didn't even have food to feed it or somethin. lol...I know that is a little extreme but I guess that is how I justify it. I really have to pray about it and figure out what I need to do and not just what Rish doesn't want to do. haha. He wants to be a dad I know for SURE but soon is the question. My sister Mekel was teaching her last lesson in Young Womens so I went to it and it was about all this stuff and not to wait to have babies...that it is very selfish to think of yourself, money,personal goals or stress when it comes to not wanting one. And I think I was meant to hear it because I dont go to young womans...and they didn't talk about that in relief society so....I just think the TIME IS COMING NEAR. But the big ? is ...when and how do we know...and how can I convince my husband it's time if it is time? haha...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

FoR mY lOvElY BlOGgIN' FloGgiN's

So, I went on Amanda Evans Blog and saw that she left my sister this really sweet comment because it was her birthday....about memories with her. SO I decided how Much that would uplift anybody read what good memory I would have of I decided each person on my list of friends I would share sumthin I love about them or a good memory I have of them...just to let you know you are special..haha...o dear BARF....
In oRder...
Amanda Evans...Like I said before...I always remember playin drive thru at your house and your mom makin her YUMMY cinnamon rolls that she does...

Miss Heather...EEyore Heather...haha..(the voice).you made me(to this day) LOVE to eat baby food! lol....I was your little "baby" and I would do whatever you and Jana said to....weird that you love to play babies and you have so many're STiLL playin house. But hey...I know how it is to be one of your kids and I would love to be one of them again anyday...

Jana Banana...what can I say? Sisters doesn't even cut it for our relationship. I should probably save you for last because I will dwell the most on you but hey...i did say in order. You are always there for me in whatever I need and I love you more than anything you could ever imagine. I would (like I said before) get a house with you and gabe and put it on my credit so you could let your house foreclose...haha...Remember that? (that was me talkin silly again in ANOTHER fight..haha) I love our "late night happy's" and how we always laugh at eachother because we know that nobody else thinks it's funny. You have always been so willing to take me in and mother my junior year of highschool. I practically lived at your apartment. I can't believe I hated you so much when we lived together..haha..but that's only because you would make me have the towel barbie house while you had the mansion! JERK...and the pink ghetto barbie car while you got the mercedes and the porche. Or, how we would play church and I couldn't read at the time so you would go up and give a talk and I would go up and "pretend to read" and make up stories..haha. But....I promise I won't ever not drink off you again because I think that you are mean and ugly and I will grow up to look like you and not Mekel...haha...OBVIOUSLY that trick didn't WORK!!!! I look EXACTLY like you! GEEZ you know I love you and I gotta stop writing cuz i'm tearin up and Rish is laughin at me...

Jt and Kali-You guys are the best ever! All the trips you would come down to Vegas and Rish and I would get so excited to have you guys stay at our little apartment...haha...we felt so grown up adultish to have you guys do that. I just remember seein how Jt looked at you and are 4 sure gettin married! Jt...when you got home from your mission and we flew out to Washington to see you when you got home...that was my first meeting with you and I was like...dang Rish...Do you have any bad friends? are ALL of your friends this cool? come on...I just lOVE all of them! and how I fell in LOVE with your parents...I still am...and how welcoming they were to me...

Miss Brooke Duke- All I knew at first was you were with some crazy BAD guy and I was like...umm...she needs to get away from him(you know who). Then of course my first impression was..dang Britney look our for Brooke...she's got your snake and REAL hair...not bald...WATCH OUT! haha

Ryan and Mal- My Favorite memory of Ryan was when Rish and I were first dating and Rish went to Ryan's ward to have me meet him and he also had to give a talk because he just got home from his mission. After sacrament Rish got down from the pulpit and we all walked outside. Well, I took Jana with me so we went outside and got in the car and and Ryan and Rish went to Jana's side because she was driving and were all talkin with us. All of a sudden Ryan was sayin stuff to Jana like she was the one he was dating...haha...Jana goes...umm...I married he's dating Megan and points to me. hahaha...then Ryan says "I was like dang Rish you have a girl who has a baby...holy just got home from you mission..I was a little worried" hahaha Then Mallory. The first time we met you at the Stratosphere and Rish and I went home sayin...dang she is the coolest girl we have ever met...we knew you were PERFECT for Ryan! But my favorite memory of you was going bowling at the Redrock lanes and you had a sheer dress on and it was COSMIC bowling...haha...your garments were glowing under your dress and we were all laughin so you went to the bathroom and took them off so you couldn't see your entire religion! were free ballin. Man..we miss you guys!

Sara - You are soo cute and Thanksgiving would have never been the same with out you guys! I just remember thinkin how much I thought you were the coolest prettiest big sister ever! Eryn would always get mad at you but I was always she is soo nice? And going to the lake was fun.

Eryn V- All I can say is you and your family are the coolest most chill ever! For some reason you are soo cool and not like you know"all the others" I love talkin with you guys because I know we can say whatever and be so honest and there is no "judging". But you know like I've said....Your hair is the easiest to put in an updo! I would do your hair anyday! And you looked so gorgeous on your wedding day! And best of all...WERE GONNA BE NEIGHBORS!!!!

Shaun and Brit- What can I say to sum up the best summer I've had in a long time? Brit you are such a sincere person and I just love talkin to you and hangin out. Shaun is hilarious and Says the FUNNIEST stuff and does the craziest stuff it makes me laugh. KD is soo cute and I just miss you guys so much. I love how we both love to swim and love the melting pot...haha. When we went up to Washington for Jt's was so cool just bein with everybody and havin soo much fun. You are the best when it comes to wedding stuff and makin sure everything turns out ok for the bride and groom. I LOVE you guys! (ps..britt i've read almost all of the Twilight series...i'm on the end of the third good and we gotta talk about Mr. Edward..haha)

Mrs. Eryn Joseph- You NEVER go on your blog...but just in case you do one day and come across my comment I just want to let you know that I am so glad we grew up together and all the fun times we had...even up to plannin sadies...which didn't go exactly as planned and we ended up goin on a roller coaster instead of a hypnotist..ya that's because WE planned it. haha

Shafers- Of course Nicole and I grew up from diapers to high school so you are like a 2nd mom to me. I just loved it when you would make your famous salsa...holy crap that stuff is soo good! And bein the coach of the Cobras was always fun with you! I'll never forget all the trips I would take with you guys and all the wrestling tournaments we would do...I really miss you guys!

Brittney Winder- haha...well johnny...what can I say? O the memories.....boys...o dear....everything. Our spice girl days...hahhaa if you wanna be my lover...then you have to know this dance that we came up with. haha. Boy was it crazy to go to your wedding and see you and how much we've grown up. I just miss our sleep overs, mischief we would always find a way to get into, etc...the list can go on for's just so crazy...who would have thought how our lives would end up? ahh...the possibilities.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Jana turns half of 50...dang!

So...we all did really well the FIRST round of bowling..12Y is jana it's supposed to say i'm 25 years old..and I'm SJ cuz Gabe HATES skinny jeans and I was wearin them so of course he's a hater!

Josh had the biggest caffeine rush..haha..he was going crazy from his monster!! It was gettin really late so we all had the late night "happy's"..he started runnin around and throwin the bowling ball down the he ended up winning from that..crazy!

Jana..of course...didn't wanna mess up her I made this hat for her and she was all gay about she said for my birthday she will be so nice to do the same for me..haha..but I'll wear that hat like I it's my new favorite outfit. =)

If this doesn't scream Jana I don't know what does..haha

So Jana turned the big 25 and I tried to do somethin fun but way last a lot of peeps couldn't go cuz I kinda procrastinated..but that's ok. We had a lot of fun and went to BJ's pizza..SOOOOO GOOD! and then midnight bowling at the Red Rock. I bowled a 107 YEA!! I was so proud of myself. I wore skinny jeans so my bowling shoes made me look like I was the circus act in between bowling frames. NEVER again will I wear those to go bowl. hahaha..actually I thought it was really funny.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Betty Crocker ain't got Nuttin on me...=)

Okay, so I realized I love to bake. Not only because it is fun, but I get to see everyone enjoy the dessert when I'm done and I love it's perfect! So I decided I am going to add recipes on here so that I can share them with everybody! Now...I LOVE to try new recipes so PLEASE!!! don't hesitate to send them to me. I love everything. you can write it in a comment and then I will post it in my recipe link! I'm excited. haha